About Earheart!

Earheart coaching AB was founded in 2004 by Boel Mörner and is a company that is specialized in coaching teams and individuals. Our company has many partners both nationally and internationally to be able to accommodate all out clients, small as big ones.

Boel Mörner is a certified coach both in individual and relationship coaching. She is a Certified Professional Co-active Coach (CPCC) from The Coaches Training Institute (CTI) and an Organization & Relationship Systems Coach (ORSC) from The Center of Right Relationship (CRR). Boel is also a certified (ACC) member of the International Coaching Federation (ICF). She is also educated in communicology thru the Scandinavian Institute of Communicology.

She is dedicated to get her clients to be brave and she stand for courage. She is a coach that pushes you and coaches you with a firm but gentle hand. She knows when to be tough and when to be extremely supportive to achieve the desired results!

Earheart Coaching is a facilitator of the Team Diagnostic™, a product from Team Coaching International, and gives it’s team clients marvelous results. The change for an average team client is so much as +20-25% in both productivity and positivity (positivity – the way the team members interact with each other). The team coaching process creates highly effective and creative teams.

Please do not hesitate to contact us at the numbers/mail address below if you want some more information, have any questions what so ever or if you would like to get a free sample session!